Principal Desk

Mr. Patil M. G.


Sanjeevan Vidyalaya, Panhala


Sanjeevan– a sapling, planted in the year 1994 has turned into a huge tree with many branches and celebrating its Silver Jubilee year. Sanjeevan is born with a dream in the heart to shape the young minds, to show them the right path and to make them civilized citizens of the nation.
Sanjeevan is an educational abode of more than 4,000 students who shape their future in a very positive way.’
Sanjeevan is an ocean of love and hospitality for the parents who love Sanjeevan as a family.’
Sanjeevan is a temple of knowledge for more than 500 teachers who impart knowledge among the students, who are the pillars and future of our nation’.
Being the Principal of Sanjeevan Vidyalaya, it’s my proud privilege and great pleasure to interact with you all-through this souvenir of Silver Jubilee. I express my deep gratitude and wholehearted well wishes to one and all who are directly and indirectly associated with Sanjeevan.
The journey of these 25 years is not that easy at all. This is a journey full of hardships, with full of emotions. This is a journey of loyalty, journey of love and faith, journey of worship and our commitment to our parents. In this journey of 25 years we have provided many engineers, doctors, artists, advocates, defense officers and sensitive civilized citizens to our nation.
Dear parents, I feel proud to share with you all that this year Sanjeevan Vidyalaya is awarded with ‘Quality Brands India Award’ for excellence in Education by National Education and Human Resource Development Organization, Mumbai.
We at Sanjeevan, aim for the overall development of our students. We give our students the best in education and the best in sports. They are provided the best conducive atmosphere for learning. Freedom of thought is given to them. Whenever differentiate between a boy student and a girl student. In fact we give them equal opportunities. It’s our experience that the exam of life is quite different than the one, children give in the school. Only bookish knowledge is not enough, rather they should be prepared for the practical. Considering the same view in our mind we have already started SCAPS i.e. Sanjeevan Concept Academy for Professional Studies. Basic Skill Development is one of the branches of SCAPS under which we train our students for various activities such has farming, carpentry, visit to industries, police station, bank, post, photography, rifle shooting, best out of waste etc. . . .We leave no stone unturned to make our students ready to face any challenge very positively that comes in their way. We build the character of a child through physical fitness, mental strength and emotional quotient. We try to make them a perfect human being. We teach them to give back to the society. We inculcate the value to love our motherland and to pay utmost respect to her. These are the reasons why passed out students have love, faith and affection for Sanjeevan in their hearts.
Dear parents, it’s the joint efforts of teachers and parents, which will shape the future of our students. So I appeal all our parents to be with us for this noble cause and co-operate Sanjeevan. I am sure and I assure that our students will shine like the stars in the galaxy and will create their own mark in the society.
I pray God to give us the strength to face the challenges those come in our way. Today, we celebrate Silver Jubilee. I am sure we will celebrate Golden Jubilee, Diamond Jubilee and Centenary.
In the success of Sanjeevan, our parents and well-wishers contribute a lion’s share. Once again I thank one and all for their support, faith and love on Sanjeevan. Wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year ahead.