Activity Room

Art and Craft

This dept. is a dream department and a favorite one for our talented students. The students are taught drawing, painting, clay modeling, sculpting, paper craft, best out of waste, colour combination and various other art forms. At a very small age,their art talents are nurtured on the canvas of potentials.


The Efficient dept. of music is active to nurture the music horoscope/talent of students who have interest in music. It has a range of musical instrumental weaving together rhythm and melody with a fine delicacy. The management had arranged a musical program ‘SWAR SANJEEVAN’ to help the flood victims of Kerala with a sense of social responsibility which memorized the audience with melodious note as well as giving them quality entertainment/massage and help to society. The dept. has also released its own music Albums 1) Geet Ganesh and 2) Geet Sanjeevan proving its caliber and mastery in music. The management wishes that the melody of this musical band should reach overseas, abroad and also mesmerize the ‘Rashtrapati Bhavan’. It is a matter of pride that Sanjeevan Ex-student has reached the film arena and has sung for films.


The dance dept.of Sanjeevan is blessed by lord Natraj. Students having deep interest in dancing, dance in rhythmic steps under the guidance of dance teachers. Their enchanting movements create magic and show their hidden potentials.

Many ex-students are proving themselves as Choreographers, Producers of short films and this is the sweet fruits of success of the efforts taken by this dept.



With a view to encourage the acting talent in students and provide them ample opportunity as actors and create caliburous actors for drama theaters, the drama dept. of Sanjeevan takes an active lead.
The talented teachers who are masters in drama writing and direction, shapes the students by teaching them drama reading, drama enacting, and one-act and make them participate in various competitions to prove their caliber. Sanjeevanites are also proving their talents in the field of film directions. This dept. tries to develop all round personality of students.